Friday, May 20, 2005

Window, window, in the wall...

...which is the most efficient of them all?

Well, it's time to do some window research again...this time I'll try to take notes so that I don't forget everything again...My first stop for windows research has always been Reading through their pages and using their window selector, it seems that we want the following windows:
  • on the south side - window 30:
    double-glazed, high-solar-gain, low-e, argon gas, insulated vinyl
    (U value of 0.29, SHGC of 0.56 and VT of 0.58).
  • on the east/west sides - window 33:
    triple-glazed, moderate-solar-gain, low-e, argon gas, insulated vinyl
    (U value of 0.18, SHGC of 0.40 and VT of 0.50)
The U-value indicates how well the window insulates (i.e., keeping the heat in); the Solar Heat Gain Coefficient (SHGC) indicates what percentage of the sun's energy is allowed to get through (and heat our cement slab and other thermal mass); the Visual Transmittance (VT) indicates how much "dayligh" makes it through the window (the lower, the darker).

As I see now, "Insulated Vinyl" has become as energy-efficient as our previously favored Fiberglass. The challenge will be to find a company that makes windows with these characteristics, because it seems that this model windows are just hypothetical windows and don't represent any physically available windows...

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