Thursday, May 19, 2005

Official Kick-Off

Well, tonight I finally followed through on promises made in the past months...I finalized the plans and the 3D model and sent a note off to Jim from Holabird & Root. We had met with Jim in December 2003 to review our plans (log house with garage in basement back then). And wouldn't you know it? Jim worked with Andy Bunge on two projects last year and this year (Andy's brother's house and the Commonweal Theatre Addition. It's a small world...

So, the countdown can's what's on my list:
  • Get plans reviewed by architect
  • Get blue prints
  • Secure ICF forms contractor
  • “Organize” driveway gravel build-up
  • Develop budget with Andy
  • Apply for Mortgage
  • Contact Masonry Stove builder in Wisconsin
  • Create preliminary plumbing plan
  • Create preliminary electrical plan
It'll be a busy, fun summer!

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